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I Bought A Spinning Wheel!

I bought a spinning wheel for my own use (and it's really ugly). You may have seen our lovely pictures on the website of the wheels that my parents refurbish. They are works of art! Beautiful and yet functional, spinning wheels are lovely just sitting in a corner if you don't know how to spin (but you should learn!).


This one is the ugly duckling in our flock. All hard lines and modern, it will never win a beauty contest, but my, it has a big orifice! Sounds rude, I know. The orifice is the tube that the yarn travels through on its way to the bobbin and that tube rictates how thick the yarn can be; too thick and the yarn just wont go through. This one is huge! It must be an inch across and is perfect for spinning fleece for making big fluffy rugs with. Don't hold your breath though, I have so many things to do first!!!

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