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I've Bought A Loom The Size Of A Room!

Big news! I may have bought myself an awfully large loom. I've been looking for a floor loom for a while now. I wanted more shafts, which means many more patterns that you can make, and if possible, the ability to use a fly shuttle.


A Fly Shuttle is a heavy shuttle that is hit across the loom by a hammer. This means that you can do much wider pieces of work, because you don't have to pass the shuttle from one hand to the other. This means one thing to me – BLANKETS! I'm so excited! It will take me a while to get it up and running, and I need a lot more wool to use, but I will get there!!!


I have big dreams of cushion covers, ponchos, blankets and rugs, but I need time! And show season definitely doesn't give you a lot of time.


Almost as an example of this, I've had a busy weekend with markets. On Saturday we were back at Aldershot again in the Wellington shopping centre. It always feels homely at Aldershot and I love doing it!


And on Sunday, we had our first market at Chawton of the year. Chawton is a little village near Alton which is home to the Jane Austen Museum and their antiques fair at the village hall. That's where we show. The weather was lovely and the cake was even better!


This week was time for another warp too! I'm still making my way through the aran wool that we bought at Sandown Park in January. This time, I decided to see what aran would look like as a warp. It's very thick, so you only need half the number of yarns, and so is very quick to measure out. I thought I'd try out a new heddle configuration this time. With these settings, it makes lots of diamond shaped patterns.


I have decided that where aran is very good for a weft, especially with a thicker warp, it just doesn't work as well for me as a warp itself. It doesn't give the clean lines that I like, and the large-ness of the yarn makes it all too broad for my liking. I also really like a plain twill. I love a twill! I know it's simple, but I think the simplicity gives the colours and neatness a time to shine!

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