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A Warping Good Time!

So a quick lesson in 'looming', as I like to call it. Think of a scarf. The thread that goes across, on the short side, is called the weft. A good way to remember it is weft rhymes with left, so its the yarn that goes from left to right across the scarf using a shuttle. The thread that goes the length of the scarf is the warp. Now a little message for you all, warping takes a whole lot of time! To save time, you can make it a long warp, so you have to do it less often, and that takes a mighty amount of wool!


There is a brilliant tutorial on the Ashford Youtube channel that shows you how to warp a 4 shaft loom. I cannot overstate how good that set of videos is. When you read books on weaving, the learning curve is so great that you're already confused by all of the new words and strange names, that you just can't follow what the writer is going on about. Having a video and a lady pointing at the parts of the loom helps to no end!


This is my warping frame for making a 30ft warp, which is enough to do 4 scarves with a bit left over to make snoods and bags with. This one is a lovely turquoise blue cotton ready to make into scarves! I'm quite excited!



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